Red Rake consulting services help clients develop practical strategies to address their biggest challenges and turn them into game changing results. Our unique skill set covers all of the disciplines required to successfully run a business. This allows us to focus on real business priorities and leverage technology into business success.



Red Rake consulting services help clients with their software development efforts. Working together with the client we have delivered on a range of projects from scripts to applications to complete online Software As A Service (SAAS) businesses. Our unique experience in both open source and Microsoft software development allow us to advise you when choosing the technology path for a new project.

  • Scripts / Applications / SaaS Platforms / User Interface (UI) Design
  • ASP / ASP.Net / C / C++ / C# / Java / Pearl / PHP / Python
  • Requirements / Design / Maintenance
  • Mobile / Client / Server


We are experts in computing hardware. Most of the engineering staff at Red Rake started their careers designing single board computers (SBCs) and real-time data collection systems. We built battery powered portable computers before the first PC was available. We have expertise in system engineering, designing systems of systems, and even large scale high performance computing data centers.

  • Component / Systems / Systems of Systems / Data Centers
  • Digital / Analog
  • Portable / Fixed Operation
  • Ruggedized / Reliable



Databases and data stores. In today’s business, having timely access to data is important. Having large storage capacities is important. Having timely access to large data is critical.

  • Databases: Access / DB3 / MongoDB / MySQL / SQL Server
  • Data stores: CIFS / iSCSI / NAS / NFS / SAN / SAS / SATA
  • Design / Optimization / Performance Tuning
  • Stand-Alone DBs / High Performance Clusters


Red Rake helps clients dream, design, and deploy data networks. From single subnets to multi-location networks with VPN / Terminal Services Gateway access we will deploy a data network that fully meets your business objectives.

  • 10 / 100 / Gigabit / 10Gb / 10Gb FCOE
  • Isolans / Enclaves / Back Office / Data Center / Coporate Backbones
  • Public / Private Networking For Cloud Based Services
  • Local Area Networks / Wide Area Networks / Storage Area Networks



Protecting your data and the data of your customers is critical to ensuring the long-term viability of your business. Red Rake helps clients “design security in” as an integral part of their products and services.

  • Cyber Security / Physical Security
  • Protection of Data At Rest / In Motion
  • Certifications / Processes / Procedures / Audit Trails
  • Monitor / Respond / Update

Data Center

Successful businesses eventually outgrow online data center service offerings. Red Rake helps clients design, build, and deploy data centers that meet unique price and performance demands of successful businesses.

  • SaaS / High Performance Computing (HPC) / Streaming Media Data Centers
  • Dedicated / Virtualized Servers / Load Balanced / Distributed
  • Design / Deploy / Operate / Upgrade
  • In-House / Single Site / Multi-Site World Class Service Delivery 



Red Rake helps clients with their back office computing and data network infrastructure. Let us show you the strategic advantages / disadvantages between out-sourced and self-sourced back office services.

  • Email / Office / Active Directory / AV / Backup / DNS / DHCP / WSUS
  • Remote Access / VPN / Terminal Services
  • Bug Tracking / Configuration Management / Help Desk / Monitoring
  • Secure File Sharing / SharePoint Services / Wiki


Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) has become a strategic advantage to technology driven businesses. Red Rake helps clients create a BYOD strategy that benefits both the company and their employees.

  • Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) Strategy / Implementation
  • Laptops / Tablets / Cell Phones
  • Secure and Protect Business Assets / Data 
  • Build Employee Loyalty / Retention


CXO Advisor Roles

As a client, your C-Level executives can leverage our C-Level experience. Take advantage of our vast knowledge, experience, and connections with hundreds of other C-Level executives.

  • Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Advisor Roles
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO) Advisor Roles
  • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Advisor Roles
  • Chief Security Officer (CSO) Advisor Roles