EWS  (EWS S3) Quick Reference

The EWS Simple Storage Service (S3) namespace “ews” includes the following standard buckets for storage of data.


General purpose bucket used to store your data

Connection Details


Note: This is the recommended data storage location for most EWS users.


Storage location of audit logs for the Namespace

Connection Details


Note: Only Namespace owners can access this Bucket.


Data shared with all EWS users

Connection Details


Home Page:https://ews.s3-mdc.mnet.local/public/index.html

Note: Any EWS user can access this Bucket (no authentication required).

EWS Simple Storage Service (S3) for the “ews” Namespace.

Bucket: “data”

The “data” Bucket is used to store your data.

Bucket: “public”

The “public” bucket can be accessed anonymously (unauthenticated) and is typically used to test access to your Namespace.

Bucket: “logs”

The “logs” Bucket is used to store Namespace audit log files.

Bucket: public

Dataserver: s3-mdc

Namespace: ews (EWS)