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Below are a sampling of the various projects that we have worked on for clients and partners.
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Configure and Certify Application

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Design, build, and deliver a software application to automatically configure and continuously certify systems in a hybrid cloud computing platform.

Internet of Things Platform

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Design and deploy hardware and software technologies for an enterprise class, highly scalable and secure Internet of Things (IoT) platform.

Real Estate Data / Lien Management

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A company wanted to automate management / servicing of real estate assets. They also wanted to leverage existing real estate related data into a new business opportunity.

Virtual Dedicated Graphics Acceleration

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Design and deploy a new cluster of VMware vSphere ESXi servers to an existing datacenter that provide dedicated graphics hardware acceleration to virtual machine systems.

SMB IT Infrastructure Upgrade

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A company (<100 employees) was moving into new office space. They wanted to take advantage of the move to upgrade, improve the reliability, and reduce the cost of their IT infrastructure.